2 events in Paris

APRIL 4 & 5 - OCTOBER 9 & 10

2 events to attract new shareholders and retain existing ones

Euronext supports the Investor Access events in Paris on April 4/5 2023 and October 9/10 2023. Join over 150 corporates at the Investor Access events to foster and maintain strong investor relations and fund your success.

Companies shape our world. From the largest multinational corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create jobs, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.

Our mission is to help the growth of companies that change our world. We develop the interest of professional investors and set up efficient meetings for you.

Privacy policy : Euronext and Investor Access.

Join the 2 Investor Access Events to

Get a better valuation of your company

Decrease your stock volatility

Get information from the market

Support your strategic development

Increase your stock liquidity

Save time and meet new investors

More than an Event



Together with you, we choose the most relevant information to spark the investors’ interest.


Meet prepared

We send your presentation to the investors so they can prepare for the meeting.


Adjust your

Before the event, you have access to the investors’ bio and their investment universes.


Optimize your

If necessary, we group investors according to their language and knowledge of your business.



Cancel free of charge if we don’t register enough investors to set a full day of meetings.

Participants in the previous edition



"Very exciting ...very well organized, very interesting meetings, an atmosphere that was very friendly. The Investor Access team was absolutely at the top: very professional, efficient, so 2 very interesting days that I recommend."

Pascal Imbert,

Wavestone, FR

"Thank you for your good work in our first Investor Access conference recently at Paris. Since I have been satisfied with the output of this conference participation I’ve already marked the two dates in my calendar."

Andreas Feuerstein,
Investor Relations Director

S Immo, AU

"We are very happy with the opportunities that were given to us by the organization."

Arrate Usandizaga,

"I’m satisfied because I have met both the investors that I knew but also new faces. My agenda was very full. ...for me it was a success."

Michel Koutchouk,
General Manager

Infotel, FR

Linkedin post : "Roadshow in #paris… 10 meetings per day. Thanks to Investor Access for organizing ..."

Manuel Taverne,
Head IR

Knaus Tabbert, DE
manuel andersen

"I’m very happy to have participated in these 2 days of investors meetings. I was able to meet the investors which I target, the ones who invest in Mid Caps, and new investor prospects who were interested in knowing more about Seché Environnement."

Manuel Andresen,
Head of IR

Séché Environnement , FR

"We are very happy to be at the Investor Access Event."

Benedicte Durand,
General Manager

Althéora, FR

"It’s an opportunity for me to reach out to the investors which I have already met before the IPO."

Jean-Lucien Rascle,

Boa Concept, FR

"Thank you for a great event. I had several good conversations – some better aligned than others, but that’s the nature of the matchmaking of course. All in all, I was satisfied. I would certainly be interested in returning for next event."

Anders Wall,
COO & Deputy CEO

Green Mobility, DK

"It is very important to us to have these interactions with the investors."

Philippe Lavielle,

Fermentalg, FR

"Thanks to the team for organizing the event, it was really great. We are up for the two events in 2022!"

Thierry Lambert,

Theranexus, FR


henrik tiedemann1

"A very dedicated and professional team is behind this arrangement. It’s a fine selection of European companies that you can meet in one place and go well arranged from company to company during the day. I can only recommend."

Henrik Tiedemann,

Tiedmann Invest, DK

"I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the Investor Access team. It’s a new event of great quality with a very beautiful list of companies and a particularly well run organization."

Jean Drançois Delcaire,
Fund Manager

HMG Finance, FR
jean-pascal rolandez

"Everything went very well and super efficiently. The participating companies were interesting and we had our annual one-to-one with Synergie. Incidentally, both companies and investors were numerous: nothing beats face-to-face meetings."

Jean-Pascal Rolandez,

The LT Funds, CH
thierry serero

"Two days of fantastic meetings organized by Investor Access. ...their team is a very, very competent team. I saw a lot of companies, including very new companies."

Thierry Serrero,
Fund Manager

Meliora Capital, UK

"Investor Access offered us the great pleasure of meeting the companies to continue creating a trust relationship with the management, which is often essential, and which we support through our investments."

Emeric Blond,
Fund Manager

Tailor Asset Management, FR
Rainer gehler

"There are a lot of CEO’s and CFO’s here who can explain their business in detail with the possibility to ask a lot of questions and to get a very good impression of the company to be able to make an investment decision. I am very thankful to Investor Access."

Rainer Gehler,
Family Officer

Xema Invest, DE

"Thank you for these two days of meetings rich in exchanges. I was able to get answers to several inquiries I made to the companies."

Romain Josserand,
Portfolio Manager

Financiere d'Uzes, FR

"I would like to thank you for the perfect organization and the quality of the set - the organization, the quality of the speakers, the number of companies. Hoping that you can organize other such beautiful conferences,"

Fabien Flavenot,
Portfolio Manager

Auris Gestion, FR

More than 180 professional European investors joined our last physical event, ranging from global banks and insurances to family offices. Companies meet 50% of new investors on average.

Extract from investment firms starting with A that participated in the event.

Unlike the usual financial market intermediaries, we don’t have a commercial relationship with the investors, so we can invite all of them, from major investment banks to family offices. Our database lists all the European investors with their investment criteria so that we know who is interested in your company.


On site

The meetings take place in different areas depending on the meeting format and the number of participants.


A table dedicated to 1o1s and customized with your company's name and logo.


A larger table will be made available depending on the number of participants.


A seperate room arranged in theater seating and equipped with a screen.

Food &

Lunch, coffee breaks and informal meeting points at your entire disposal.

Your visibility

Visibility is one of the pillars of sound financial communication.

Long term

Throughout the year, your company benefits from increased visibility in the financial community .

The event

Your company’s name and logo are displayed on schedules and signages at the event venue.


The description of your business, profile and market data are made available to the investors.


Your presentation and relevant documents can be downloaded by the participating investors.

Set up process


Your meeting schedule is carefully planned in advance based on attendee availability and investor knowledge about your business.

Full Market

We cover the market for you and reach out to all investors who may be interested in your business, so that you meet as many as possible.


More than 5,000 professional investors are offered the opportunity to book a meeting with you according to their investment universe.


A dedicated person within our company accompanies you during the preparation of the event and responds to any specific need within 24 hours.

Schedule in

Access to your schedule with all the investor profiles and any useful information is provided to you in advance to help you prepare for the meetings.


We have selected the best luxury hotels in the heart of Paris.

April 4 & 5

Intercontinental Paris

Begun in 1861, the construction of the hotel was part of the complete reconstruction of Paris by Napoleon III. It was built in the style prescribed by Baron Haussmann, with a mansard roof. Filling an entire triangular block, the hotel had 800 rooms over four floors for guests, with another entire floor for their servants.

The hotel has hosted royalty throughout its long history, including Tsar Nicholas, King Edward VII of England and Queen Rania of Jordan. Victor Hugo hosted parties at the Le Grand Hotel and Émile Zola used the hotel for the setting of the death of his tragic character Nana.

October 9 & 10

Salons Hoche

The Salons Hoche are a central meeting point and a true gastronomic institution in the heart of Paris.

In the midst of the “Roaring Twenties”, 9 avenue Hoche was nothing more than a dance hall where people came to meet.

Since then, the surroundings of the Champs Elysées and more particularly the wide avenues dedicated to the glories of the 1st Empire have been taken over by the head offices of prestigious companies, and in particular many investment companies.


We have selected the best luxury premises in the heart of Paris. We also offer to introduce you to international investors on a remote Investor Access conference that will extend your reach of investor access.


Investors play a major and vital role for the economy. Investing is not only about return, it creates employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Companies are shaping our world. From the largest corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Being listed on the stock exchange involves efforts to retain your shareholders and meet new investors. The Investor Access is searching for new investors interested in your company.