Dates & Venues

The Best venues in the Heart of Paris

April 4 & 5 :

Intercontinental Paris

Begun in 1861, the construction of the hotel was part of the complete reconstruction of Paris by Napoleon III. It was built in the style prescribed by Baron Haussmann, with a mansard roof. Filling an entire triangular block, the hotel had 800 rooms over four floors for guests, with another entire floor for their servants.

The hotel has hosted royalty throughout its long history, including Tsar Nicholas, King Edward VII of England and Queen Rania of Jordan. Victor Hugo hosted parties at the Le Grand Hotel and Émile Zola used the hotel for the setting of the death of his tragic character Nana.

June 7 & 8 :


Due to poor market conditions and the evolution of post-covid customs, foreign investors tend to travel less.

We therefore plan a remote conference with pre-arranged meetings in order to address the target group of investors who no longer travel.

The organization process, the schedule and the web application remain identical to the physical Investor Access events.

October 9 & 10 :

Salons Hoche

The Salons Hoche are a central meeting point and a true gastronomic institution in the heart of Paris.

In the midst of the “Roaring Twenties”, 9 avenue Hoche was nothing more than a dance hall where people came to meet. Since then, the surroundings of the Champs Elysées and more particularly the wide avenues dedicated to the glories of the 1st Empire have been taken over by the head offices of prestigious companies, and in particular many investment companies.

On site

The meetings take place in different areas depending on the meeting format and the number of participants.


A table dedicated to 1o1s and customized with your company's name and logo.


A larger table will be made available depending on the number of participants.


A seperate room arranged in theater seating and equipped with a screen.

Food &

Lunch, coffee breaks and informal meeting points at your disposal.

Your visibility

Visibility is one of the pillars of sound financial communication.

Long term

Throughout the year, your company benefits from increased visibility in the financial community .

The event

Your company’s name and logo are displayed on schedules and signages at the event venue.


The description of your business, profile and market data are made available to the investors.


Your presentation and relevant documents can be downloaded by the participating investors.


Investors play a major and vital role for the economy. Investing is not only about return, it creates employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Being listed on the stock exchange involves many efforts to retain your shareholders and meet new investors. The Investor Access is searching and motivating new investors to get interested in your company.


Companies are shaping our world. From the largest corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Our goal is to connect people, our goal is to help clients develop their networks. Check our event schedule and services.
Looking forward to talking to you!