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"Very exciting ...very well organized, very interesting meetings, an atmosphere that was very friendly. The Investor Access team was absolutely at the top: very professional, efficient, so 2 very interesting days that I recommend."

Pascal Imbert,

Wavestone, FR

"Thank you for your good work in our first Investor Access conference recently at Paris. Since I have been satisfied with the output of this conference participation I’ve already marked the two dates in my calendar."

Andreas Feuerstein,
Investor Relations Director

S Immo, AU

"We really enjoyed the quality of the inventors that we met and the information provided about them. Here, the preparation by Investor Access is very good: we have full agendas. Therefore, I would recommend any Spanish company."

Sisco Sapena,

“It is great to meet investors, especially in this post-COVID world. We have got a mixed of investors we have seen before and of new investors so it is great seeing them all.”

David Veitch,

Basilea, SW

“Investor conferences offer a perfect opportunity to present the company to a select group of investors. I am happy about the successful event in Paris and participation for Knaus Tabbert.”

Marc Hundsdorf,

Knaus Tabbert, DE

"Thank you for a great event. I had several good conversations – some better aligned than others, but that’s the nature of the matchmaking of course. All in all, I was satisfied. I would certainly be interested in returning for next event."

Anders Wall,
COO & Deputy CEO

Green Mobility, DK

“I was very happy with the organization of the event, with the meetings I had ; it was extremely useful for us. Thanks again for everything and the organization I would be very happy to take part to the next event.”

Frederic Granotier,

Lucibel, FR
manuel andersen

"I’m very happy to have participated in these 2 days of investors meetings. I was able to meet the investors which I target, the ones who invest in Mid Caps, and new investor prospects who were interested in knowing more about Seché ."

Manuel Andresen,
Head of IR

Séché Environnement , FR

"The setting is exceptional, the organization is perfect– we had no problem during these two days – and above all the constant help of all the people who surrounded the organization.”

Jean-Lucien Rascle,

Boa Concept, FR

"I’m satisfied because I have met both the investors that I knew but also new faces. My agenda was very full. ...for me it was a success."

Michel Koutchouk,
General Manager

Infotel, FR

“Very impressive, organized, punctual, and good energy. Hats off for the entire Invesor Access team, and partners. Well done.”

Mario Elhadjali,
Director of Development

Metavisio, FR

"Thanks to the team for organizing the event, it was really great. We are up for the two events!"

Thierry Lambert,

Theranexus, FR

"It is very important to us to have these interactions with the investors."

Philippe Lavielle,

Fermentalg, FR

"We are very happy to be at the Investor Access Event."

Benedicte Durand,
General Manager

Althéora, FR

Companies from all around Europe ranging between 10m€ to 8B€ of market capitalization.

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The most noticeable outcome of our efforts takes the form of Investor Access Events which regroup companies and investors for 2 days of pre-arranged meetings.


Investors play a major and vital role for the economy. Investing is not only about return, it creates employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Being listed on the stock exchange involves many efforts to retain your shareholders and meet new investors. The Investor Access is searching and motivating new investors to get interested in your company.


Our goal is to connect people, our goal is to help clients develop their networks. Check our event schedule and services.
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