Companies shape our world

Attract new shareholders and retain existing ones​

Companies shape our world. From the largest multinational corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create jobs, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.

Management must develop and maintain strong and transparent relationships with investors because they fund their success.

Our goal is to grab the attention of investors and set up effective and efficient meetings, while saving you time. Our mission is to help grow companies that change our world.

meet the investors to

Get a better valuation of your company

Decrease your stock volatility

Get information from the market

Support your strategic development

Increase your stock liquidity

Unlike the usual financial market intermediaries, we don’t have a commercial relationship with the investors, so we can invite all of them, from major investment banks to family offices. Our database lists all the European investors with their investment criteria so that we know who is interested in your company.

Set up process


Your meeting schedule is carefully planned in advance based on attendee availability and investor knowledge about your business.

Full Market

We cover the market for you and reach out to all investors who may be interested in your business, so that you meet as many as possible.


More than 5,000 professional investors are offered the opportunity to book a meeting with you according to their investment universe.


A dedicated person within our company accompanies you during the preparation of the event and responds to any specific need within 24 hours.

Schedule in

Access to your schedule with all the investor profiles and any useful information is provided to you in advance to help you prepare for the meetings.

Your visibility

Visibility is one of the pillars of a sound financial communication

Long term

Throughout the year, your company benefits from increased visibility in the financial community .

The event

Your company’s name and logo are displayed on schedules and signages at the event venue.


The description of your business, profile and market data are made available to the investors.


Your presentation and relevant documents can be downloaded by the participating investors

Physical Events

The meetings take place in different areas depending on the meeting format and the number of participants.


A table dedicated to 1o1s and customized with your company's name and logo.


A larger table will be made available depending on the number of participants.


A seperate room arranged in theater seating and equipped with a screen.

Food &

Lunch, coffee breaks with pastry and informal meeting points at your disposal.


Your meetings are organized in advance according to the participants’ availability and the investors’ company knowledge  (One to One’s / One to Few’s / Presentations).


Investors play a major and vital role for the economy. Investing is not only about return, it creates employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Companies shape our world. From the largest corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create employment, innovation as well as environmental and social changes.


Our goal is to connect people and to help clients develop their networks. We adapt to partners needs – why not join efforts with us?
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