Type of participating

Quality of the investors

The quality of the participating investors is very important to us. First of all, we only welcome real investors, as CEOs and CFOs do not have time to waste on alternative funds providing structured debt financing or any other type of exotic proposition (unless specifically agreed with you)

It is paramount for the top management to know who they are going to meet: firstly, because the expectations are different depending on issuers’ sizes and equity track record ; secondly, because it gives the opportunity to prepare and adapt the communication to each investor ; and, finally, because knowing who they are going to meet in advance helps to avoid disappointments.

That is why it is crucial for us to provide the profiles of every asset management firm and every investor they meet including AUM, investment criteria, contact details, linkedin or bio and even a picture.

Type of Investment firms attending

Country Allocation

Due to poor market conditions and the evolution of post-covid customs, foreign investors tend to travel less.

We therefore plan a remote conference with pre-arranged meetings in order to address the target group of investors who no longer travel on June 7 & 8. The organization process, the schedule and the web application remain identical to the physical Investor Access events.


More than 170 professional European investors join each of our events, ranging from global banks and insurances to family offices. Companies meet 50% of new investors on average.

Extract from investment firms starting with A which participated recently. Feel free to request their contacts for testimonials

Unlike the usual financial market intermediaries, we don’t have a commercial relationship with the investors, so we can invite all of them, from major investment banks to family offices. Our database lists all the European investors with their investment criteria so that we know who is interested in your company.


Being listed on the stock exchange involves many efforts to retain your shareholders and meet new investors. The Investor Access is searching and motivating new investors to get interested in your company.


Companies are shaping our world. From the largest corporations to the smallest businesses, companies create employment, innovation as well as cultural, environmental and social changes.


Our goal is to connect people, our goal is to help clients develop their networks. Check our event schedule and services.
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